New Year’s Eve with Paris312

2016 is finally over! Like many, I celebrated the end of the yearlong dumpster-fire in style. My friend Ben is in town from Boston for the week, and we enjoyed our last day of the year marathoning Top Chef reruns, eating lots of comfort food, and then heading out to Roscoe’s in Boystown for their New Year’s Eve Under the Sea extravaganza! But first, we popped champagne in style with some help from Paris312.

For those who haven’t yet heard of Paris312, it’s an events and decor company for modern, chic partiers in Chicago and beyond. I’ve been following them for about six months now, and I love how beautiful, fun, and French-inspired their products are! So when I saw they were holding a giveaway for the holidays, I entered – and contrary to my own personal belief that I never win anything, I actually won! The team at Paris312 was so kind and sweet in coordinating dropoff for the cake topper I won – they delivered it the same day I sent them my address and included an adorable banner and four confetti push pops I could use on New Year’s Eve!

Our setup for pre-New Year’s Eve! Banner, champagne, cake, and confetti.

The cake toppers, which were what I won, were all separate – you can use them for cake or cupcakes if you’d like! They are on the taller side, and came in a really cute box, as well. The banner was actually navy and gold – it’s hard to see in the photo – which is one of my favorite color combinations, and was simple to hang evenly. The confetti push pops are so easy to use and (thankfully) free of any loud noises, and we had SO much fun popping them and dancing in the falling confetti outside my apartment! To add to the glitz and glam, I followed this tutorial from the Lala and decked out our champagne with lots of glitter.

It was a great night with lots of great party accents, and I can’t wait to go to Paris312 for all my future party needs! Check them out at and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. And from me to you, happy 2017!