Lindsay Loves…

Time to introduce a new post series I’ve been planning since I rebranded the site! Each week, I’ll round up a few things – news, quizzes, etc. – that are my “loves” for the week. There’s no telling what each week will bring, so let’s kick it off with puppies, shopping, and more.


  • This NFL player made the best training camp entrance of all time. Spoiler: he was flanked by the four cutest puppies I’ve seen in a long time. DREAM COME TRUE. Seriously, two paws up for this guy. (Check out his Instagram, too – he posts pics of those puppies all the time!)
  • Buzzfeed’s latest quiz asks, “How obsessed with Target are you?” Fun fact: I spent four and a half hours in a local Target one recent Sunday because it had air conditioning (mine was broken), and also because it’s Target. Also a fun fact: I got 100% on this quiz.
  • If you haven’t started binge-watching Stranger Things yet, stop reading this post and get at it. The Spielberg-esque monster-movie-turned miniseries has been widely hailed as the best Netflix original series this year – no joke. It’s only eight episodes, too, so you can knock it out in under a week. Seriously. Go now.
  • I asked my boyfriend earlier this week to promise that he’d always look at me the way Bill Clinton looks at balloons. He promised.
  • I’ll be covering the premiere of DC’s supervillian flick Suicide Squad later this week on the blog! Even thought I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’m already loving Viola Davis’ no-nonsense badass ladyboss, Amanda Waller. Most intimidating character in the movie, and that includes The Joker! I love this piece on what movies like Suicide Squad do for diversity in Hollywood. 
  • Okay, but really. Go watch Stranger Things right now.

Did I miss anything? Share your “loves” for this week in the comments!


101 in 1001

I had done a post like this on Chicago Prep, inspired by Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling. The concept is simple- create 101 goals, give yourself 1001 days to complete them, and see what happens. I took a look at my old 101 in 1001, and I was surprised to see how many that I’d either done by accident or didn’t feel applied to my life anymore. Graduating college and getting a job kind of does that to you- it changes things. It was time for a new blog- so it’s time for a new list, too.


DATE WRITTEN: February 28, 2016

1001 DAYS FROM NOW: November 25, 2018

  1. Come up with 101 things to complete this list. (February 2016)
  2. Put the finishing touches on this site! (July 2016)
  3. Move into my own apartment. (May 2016)
  4. Adopt a cat.
  5. Travel to a new country.
  6. Read 30 new books. (3/30 – The Woman in Cabin 10, Big Little Lies, The Zookeeper’s Wife)
  7. Volunteer for a cause I support.
  8. Learn to use Photoshop. (February 2017)
  9. Contribute a guest blog post to a site I love.
  10. Run a 5K. (Not walk. Run.)
  11. Go completely unplugged for 24 hours.
  12. Attend a blogging conference. (July 2016)
  13. Visit friends in 3 other states.
  14. Try ten new Chicago restaurants. (7/10 – Barcocina, il Porcellino, Antique Taco, Mahalo, Girl and the Goat, Turquoise, Velvet Taco)
  15. Get professional photos taken.
  16. Take a post-grad course, just for fun.
  17. Complete a 30-day photo challenge.
  18. Watch every movie on the AFI 100 Years list.
  19. Write in a journal every day for a month.
  20. Post three blog entries a week for a month.
  21. Buy a new lens for my DSLR.
  22. Start a blog series. (June 2016)
  23. Submit an op-ed to the New York Times.
  24. Attend Cancer Con.
  25. Go camping.
  26. Join a book club.
  27. Visit a national park.
  28. Register to vote. (June 2016)
  29. Spend a day reading at a bookstore or library.
  30. Buy someone behind me in line their coffee.
  31. Reach 1,000 followers on each social media channel for Love from Lindsay.
  32. Host a blog giveaway.
  33. Ride a bike along Lake Michigan. (July 2016)
  34. Take a spontaneous road trip. (July 2016 – St. Louis)
  35. Watch 5 new documentaries.
  36. Attend a celebrity meet and greet.
  37. Go to a concert or show without my phone or camera. Enjoy the memories. (June 2016, Drag Race)
  38. Take a dance class. (May 2016)
  39. Marathon every Harry Potter movie in one weekend.
  40. Donate to my alma mater (DePaul University!)
  41. Go hiking.
  42. Watch 10 TED Talks.
  43. Try a crazy new recipe from a cooking show.
  44. Send out holiday cards.
  45. Send valentines to everyone in my immediate family.
  46. Learn to rock climb, even if it’s just a wall at a gym.
  47. Join a trivia team league. (July 2016)
  48. Write twenty handwritten notes.
  49. Make ten DIY crafts from Pinterest.
  50. Spend a day running errands and doing favors for my family.
  51. Take my puppies for a mile-long walk (no phones allowed!). (February 2017)
  52. Visit 5 museums in Chicago. (2/5 – Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art)
  53. Sit in the live audience for a TV show taping.
  54. Find the perfect LBD. (June 2016)
  55. Learn calligraphy.
  56. Conquer my fear of heights with a visit to the Skydeck or Hancock Observatory. (May 2016)
  57. Buy something from a local artist at an art festival or show.
  58. Take a cooking class.
  59. Cook dinner for my parents one night (dishwashing included!)
  60. Re-learn how to do a cartwheel.
  61. Do a polar plunge.
  62. Wake up to see the sun rise.
  63. Finish five TV series start-to-finish on my “must watch list”. (April 2017 – Lost, Stranger Things, The Great British Bake-Off, 3%, Broadchurch)
  64. Restart my Etsy shop.
  65. Stop drinking soda.
  66. Design and sew a new dress or skirt for myself.
  67. Throw a surprise party for someone.
  68. Go to a music festival and find a new favorite musician.
  69. Play at an open mic night.
  70. Attend a ballet or opera performance.
  71. Try a new subscription box (and review it for the blog).
  72. Visit Washington, D.C.
  73. Volunteer with my sorority.
  74. Go to a film festival.
  75. Reconnect with my high school friends.
  76. Reconnect with my sorority sisters.
  77. Spend a day with each of my siblings doing their favorite things with them (all their choice!).
  78. Give five small just-because gifts.
  79. Give my parents one day off, and do everything on their to-do lists for them.
  80. Write a “Lindsay Loves” guide to Chicago.
  81. Be a tourist for a day, taking goofy pictures at iconic Chicago tourist spots.
  82. Visit all three of my sisters’ college towns (Atlanta, St. Louis, & Nashville) (1/3 – St. Louis)
  83. Cross-stitch something to hang in my office (June 2016)
  84. Visit 5 new cities. (1/5 – St. Louis)
  85. Join a new blogger network or collective. (July 2016 – Activate by Bloglovin)
  86. Create a computerized font of my own handwriting.
  87. Brush up on my video editing skills
  88. Make 3 YouTube videos.
  89. Host a board game night.
  90. See a movie on an outdoor screen.
  91. Listen to a concert on the lawn at Ravinia Festival.
  92. Go a week without takeout or delivery. (June 2016)
  93. Learn to paint my own nails. (April 2016)
  94. Knit something other than a scarf.
  95. Attend a fashion show.
  96. Get a facial. (July 2016)
  97. Make a coffee-table book of all my completed coloring book pages.
  98. Donate blood. (March 2017)
  99. Go kayaking on the Chicago River.
  100. Love myself.
  101. Start a new 101 in 1001 when I finish this list!