Lindsay Loves…

Time to introduce a new post series I’ve been planning since I rebranded the site! Each week, I’ll round up a few things – news, quizzes, etc. – that are my “loves” for the week. There’s no telling what each week will bring, so let’s kick it off with puppies, shopping, and more.


  • This NFL player made the best training camp entrance of all time. Spoiler: he was flanked by the four cutest puppies I’ve seen in a long time. DREAM COME TRUE. Seriously, two paws up for this guy. (Check out his Instagram, too – he posts pics of those puppies all the time!)
  • Buzzfeed’s latest quiz asks, “How obsessed with Target are you?” Fun fact: I spent four and a half hours in a local Target one recent Sunday because it had air conditioning (mine was broken), and also because it’s Target. Also a fun fact: I got 100% on this quiz.
  • If you haven’t started binge-watching Stranger Things yet, stop reading this post and get at it. The Spielberg-esque monster-movie-turned miniseries has been widely hailed as the best Netflix original series this year – no joke. It’s only eight episodes, too, so you can knock it out in under a week. Seriously. Go now.
  • I asked my boyfriend earlier this week to promise that he’d always look at me the way Bill Clinton looks at balloons. He promised.
  • I’ll be covering the premiere of DC’s supervillian flick Suicide Squad later this week on the blog! Even thought I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’m already loving Viola Davis’ no-nonsense badass ladyboss, Amanda Waller. Most intimidating character in the movie, and that includes The Joker! I love this piece on what movies like Suicide Squad do for diversity in Hollywood. 
  • Okay, but really. Go watch Stranger Things right now.

Did I miss anything? Share your “loves” for this week in the comments!