Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Plus Size Favorites

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened to the public this weekend, and if you’re anything like me, you immediately jumped online Friday to snag up all the best deals of the summer. There’s still quite a bit left on sale, and I’ve rounded up some of my plus-size favorites for you to shop before the NSale comes to an end.


NSale Plus Favorites



Did you shop this year’s NSale? What are your top deals? Share in the comments!


Why Drag Queens Rule The World

On Friday night, I had the most SICKENING night (and that’s a good thing, I promise!) I’d had in a long time. I spent my night at the Riviera Theatre in the audience of the RuPaul’s Drag Race Battle of the Seasons Extravaganza Tour 2016! I laughed, screamed, cheered, and almost cried as I watched legendary drag queens strut their stuff for a few hours.

But I know a few of you might be wondering the same thing I’ve been asked many, many times: What’s the deal with this girly, fashion-obsessed blogger chick and her love of drag queens?

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 4.04.05 PMIt started with a lot of free time. (Doesn’t everything?) I spent my senior winter break in college alone in my townhouse, taking an online class and binge-watching everything I could find on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Multiple friends of mine had been talking about Drag Race for months, and I finally decided to give it a try one night. As I sat in my bathroom, curling my hair and doing my makeup while the first episode of season six played on my iPad, I knew I was hooked. There was something so fascinating about these men in dresses, looking better than me in heels and wigs and makeup, and I ended up coming home from dinner as soon as I could, finishing the season in a day and a half. Then came seasons 1 – 5, and I managed to get through those before the seventh season premiered live on TV that spring.

As I made my way through the seasons, I quickly learned that it wasn’t just about the outfits and the drama between queens. So many of these stars had gone through hell and back just because they were gay or feminine, and they were brave enough not only to share their stories for a TV audience, but to keep on doing drag and making themselves happy despite the hardships. As someone who’d been through hardship before, I related – but I also learned more about strength and bravery from TV drag queens than I ever did from skipping a grade, being bullied in school, or having cancer. People supported me – a blonde girl from a middle-class family – through everything. Most of these queens didn’t have that. They had more haters than friends, some of which were their own family members. And yet, they still walked down the drag runway like they’d been born to smile and look gorgeous.

These stories and struggles came to life at the Battle of the Seasons show this weekend. Multiple queens, as well as host Michelle Visage, talked about accepting everyone regardless of how they identify and no matter their age. It was a safe space for everyone – even for “regular” girls who just didn’t know where they fit in for most of their lives. Michelle Visage even sang a beautiful Madonna song set to a montage of photos from the Stonewall riots, the AIDS crisis, and modern pro-gay marriage rallies.  (And I cried. I cried a LOT.)

I’m not someone who likes to get political in public, but I will always vocally support a person – any gender, any sexuality – who has overcome obstacles and suffered for what they love. Watching Drag Race has continued to inspire me every day and remind me to love myself for all I am, to never stop fighting for what I want or believe in, and to keep my support system close – you never know when you’ll need them the most. Drag Race provides a love and a support system for these performers, and my friends and family who love and accept me unconditionally – whether they watch the show or not – are mine.

If you want to watch the show, seasons 4-7 are available on Hulu, and seasons 4-6 are commercial-free on Amazon Prime. If not, hey, I won’t judge you – but you’re missing out on some of the best fashion I’ve ever seen.

Do you watch RuPaul’s Drag Race? Who are your favorite contestants? If you don’t watch, what shows or pop culture phenomenons have inspired you? Share in the comments!


Top 5 Things to Do – June 2016

Ask anyone in Chicago – summer is the absolute best time to be in the city. Every weekend is packed with no shortage of food, live music, art, and great views. While the list of all the places I want to hit before Labor Day is long enough to fill a novel, I’ve picked my top five for the month of June – check them out!
The patio at Barcocina
The boyfriend and I had dinner at Barcocina last month when he was helping me move in, and we had the best time! We love shared plates (we have the same taste in food!), and Barcocina is perfect for couples who want to share or for big groups of friends. The atmosphere is trendy and fun (think top 40 radio and fun cocktails), and since there’s nothing better than an outdoor meal on a sunny evening, I can’t wait to revisit Barcocina and eat on their patio. It’s also dog friendly, so if you spot a girl making friends with every pup out there, you know who it is!
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at Millennium Park
ferris_buellers_day_offChicago has been the setting for tons of movies, but none quite as iconic as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Millennium Park is kicking off their summer film series with the classic 80s romp on Tuesday, June 21 at 6:30. The screening offers first-come first-serve pavilion seats and open seating on the lawn – and it’s free! So bring a picnic, some wine, and your best leopard-print vest – I totally won’t judge if you recite every line from memory!
Chicago Bears 5K at Soldier Field
Okay, let’s start with the fact that I hate running. I hate working out, really. But I love 5Ks – these days, they’re fun, often themed, and doable for walkers and runners alike. One June 25, Bears fans can run 3.1 miles ending at Soldier Field at the Chicago Bears 5K, where they’ll be shown on the videotron as they cross the finish line, enjoy a beer (for those 21+), and party with Staley Da Bear. It’s a great event for families, too – kids under six can participate for free! If anyone has a pink Bears jersey I can borrow, let me know!
Chicago Pride Parade
imageChicago Pride is easily one of my favorite weekends all year long! I break out my rainbow tutu and suspenders (yes, I really do own a rainbow tutu and suspenders), have a mimosa with friends, and park myself wherever I can find a spot for the most colorful, proud parade in Chicago! This year, pop stars Daya and Jordin Sparks will be performing in the parade, and there’ll also be a whole Pride Fest and other events throughout Boystown and Lakeview. LGBTIQ or not, it’s a great day to celebrate and have fun, so break out your most colorful clothes and enjoy!
Green City Market
Green City Market runs all summer (and year-round to a smaller degree), but I love checking it out as often as I can. From fresh produce to flowers and goat cheese to wine, I love taking a small amount of cash and seeing what I end up coming home with. Tip: get to know the vendors you really like – they’ll let you know which week’s they’re coming and when they’ll have the products you like! Also, while I hate waking up early as much as anyone, it’s SO worth it to beat the crowds and get a better selection.
What are your must-see and must-do things for June in Chicago? Share in the comments!