Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Plus Size Favorites

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened to the public this weekend, and if you’re anything like me, you immediately jumped online Friday to snag up all the best deals of the summer. There’s still quite a bit left on sale, and I’ve rounded up some of my plus-size favorites for you to shop before the NSale comes to an end.


NSale Plus Favorites



Did you shop this year’s NSale? What are your top deals? Share in the comments!


New Year’s Eve with Paris312

2016 is finally over! Like many, I celebrated the end of the yearlong dumpster-fire in style. My friend Ben is in town from Boston for the week, and we enjoyed our last day of the year marathoning Top Chef reruns, eating lots of comfort food, and then heading out to Roscoe’s in Boystown for their New Year’s Eve Under the Sea extravaganza! But first, we popped champagne in style with some help from Paris312.

For those who haven’t yet heard of Paris312, it’s an events and decor company for modern, chic partiers in Chicago and beyond. I’ve been following them for about six months now, and I love how beautiful, fun, and French-inspired their products are! So when I saw they were holding a giveaway for the holidays, I entered – and contrary to my own personal belief that I never win anything, I actually won! The team at Paris312 was so kind and sweet in coordinating dropoff for the cake topper I won – they delivered it the same day I sent them my address and included an adorable banner and four confetti push pops I could use on New Year’s Eve!

Our setup for pre-New Year’s Eve! Banner, champagne, cake, and confetti.

The cake toppers, which were what I won, were all separate – you can use them for cake or cupcakes if you’d like! They are on the taller side, and came in a really cute box, as well. The banner was actually navy and gold – it’s hard to see in the photo – which is one of my favorite color combinations, and was simple to hang evenly. The confetti push pops are so easy to use and (thankfully) free of any loud noises, and we had SO much fun popping them and dancing in the falling confetti outside my apartment! To add to the glitz and glam, I followed this tutorial from the Lala and decked out our champagne with lots of glitter.

It was a great night with lots of great party accents, and I can’t wait to go to Paris312 for all my future party needs! Check them out at and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. And from me to you, happy 2017!

Travel and Packing Tips

Happy holidays, my loves! I hope everyone had a merry everything with their family and friends. I celebrated in Mexico with my dad, stepmom, and two of my siblings with a week of sunshine, poolside relaxation, delicious food, and lots of margaritas. A ‘feliz navidad’ indeed!

Of course, with travel comes stress, even around the holidays. I’ve traveled alone many times before, but this felt different. I was shopping alone, packing my stuff by myself from my apartment, meeting my family at the airport – and before this, I didn’t even own my own full-size suitcase! So from me to you, a little holiday gift – some top travel tips for new travelers and seasoned vets alike to make your next trip a little smoother.

  • Invest in luggage that will last and will function for many trips. My first “big girl” luggage is an Ellen Tracy 29” hardshell spinner in a gorgeous hot pink color. I knew from asking around that my best bet for quality luggage in my price range was to go to a discount store, like TJ Maxx or Burlington Coat Factory. I ended up finding the winner at Marshall’s – originally $300, I paid $55! 29” is on the larger side of checked luggage, but I wanted to make sure my one suitcase worked for any trip I might take. And I’ll never lose my bright, neon bag in the typical flood of black and navy suitcases at the baggage claim!
  • Make a (very long) list and check it twice. I made my packing list four days before I even started packing! I made sure nothing was left off – I would prefer to have more than I need and simply choose not to pack it than to forget something important. My list was detailed down to the exact dresses I wanted to pack and how many I needed of each item to last me exactly seven days without much excess. I also went a little crazy with my list for travel toiletries – I didn’t want to be at all unprepared – but it came in very handy when multiple people needed my Tide pen after meals!
  • Clean before you pack. This is something I learned by doing the opposite – oops. I was constantly pushing clean laundry, shoes, pillows, and more out of the way as I used my entire kitchen floor to pack. I also hadn’t mopped in a couple weeks, and I ended up stopping, shoving everything over to my bed, and quickly using the Swiffer so that I didn’t pack dust bunnies in my luggage! When everything is clean and neat, it’s less stressful and goes by much more quickly.
  • Pack in pieces. Packing is a daunting task! By doing it in pieces throughout a couple of days, it makes the process a lot easier and less overwhelming. Start with shoes and undergarments, then regular clothing, then workout clothing/pajamas and swimsuits, then anything else. Save your toiletries for the last minute so that if you need your deodorant or toothbrush, you don’t have to unpack it!
  • Bring your list with you on vacation. I find that my biggest stress is re-packing, especially when I can’t remember everything I’ve brought! By bringing my list with me, nothing gets left behind and I feel organized when I have to come home again.

What are your best travel trips? Share them in the comments!

Image: The College Prepster

Kate Spade Surprise SALE!


I love a good sale! So when I opened my email this morning, I was so happy to be greeted by the words “SURPRISE SALE” from one of my favorite brands, Kate Spade. If you head to their website, you can get 25% off all sale items with the code SHOWTIME. I’ve taken a look, and while everything is gorgeous, here are a few of my favorites – with bright colors and fun accessories, I’m trying to make summer last just a little longer!


Kate Spade Surprise Sale Faves - 10/6

Lindsay Loves… | August 8

It’s been a pretty lazy weekend over here in Chicago – I haven’t been feeling well, so I’ve spent the last few days resting in bed and watching the Olympics. Not that I like being sick, but I managed to get sick on a weekend where there is no shortage of cool sporting events to watch on TV, and I definitely never got bored! I also had plenty of time to browse the Internet to find my picks for this post, and it was SO hard to narrow down my choices. There’s so much happening! That said, after a lot of arguing with myself, here are my “Lindsay Loves” for the week.


  • Did you watch Stranger Things yet? If so, you know in your heart that Barb is the best, and that we are all Barb in our hearts. Vulture published an ode to the breakout character of the summer, and it’s perfect. (If you STILL haven’t watched, we can’t be friends until you do. Sorry.)
  • I was just saying the other day that it’s totally possible for a plus-size gal to love herself and be confident and also want to change. Chrissy Metz, who will be starring on the show This is Us in the fall, nails that sentiment and is hoping that her role on the show will break barriers and shatter the norm for the “fat friend” archetype, as told in this interview with BuzzFeed.
  • The Kitten Olympics are a thing, and they are the best thing. It’s exactly what it sounds like – the Olympics, but with cats. Vanity Fair published the photos from the TV event (aired August 5), and I can’t stop petting my computer screen.
  • Normally I’m not a huge fan of TV mock news shows that rant and rave, but John Oliver’s most recent piece on local newspapers hit home for me. I grew up reading newspapers and shelving them as a library volunteer, I majored in journalism in college, and I still freelance – newspapers shaped me, and they’re definitely the foundation on which today’s crazy media cycle was built.
  • Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg will host a ‘Dinner Party’ TV show on VH1 this fall. Yes, you read that correctly.


What are your favorite things on the web this week? Share in the comments!